• Tote bag hanging on a door saying "there's an herb for that"
  • Back of woman with a tote bag saying "there's an herb for that"

There's a Herb for That Tote Bag

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Carry your leaves in style with our new and loved bag. These creme woven canvas bags are durable enough to carry your laptop, water bottle, groceries and just about anything else. We love wearing ours and absolutely love seeing you in yours as well! 

Meet the Nutritionist

It all started with our original blend - a carefully crafted antifungal and bloat formula that I created for myself while doing an anti-fungal cleanse. In 2018, I experienced a severe form of perioral dermatitis after an outbreak of food poisoning the day of my twenty-second birthday. Little did I know that this unwanted gift would ultimately inspire me to create a line of herbal teas that promote wellness and healing.