Meet the Nutritionist

Hi, my name is Jass Stupak and I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) Community Herbalist and the owner of Leaves. I’m grateful you are here!

Detox tea pouch laying down next to a pear

How We Got Started

Starting Leaves was like stepping into a whole new world of possibilities. As someone who had never considered owning a product business before, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect.

It all started with our original blend - a carefully crafted antifungal and bloat formula that I created for myself while doing an anti-fungal cleanse. In 2018, I experienced a severe form of perioral dermatitis after an outbreak of food poisoning the day of my twenty-second birthday. Little did I know that this unwanted gift would ultimately inspire me to create a line of herbal teas that promote wellness and healing.

As a teenager, I had always had clear skin. So when I suddenly developed perioral dermatitis, I knew something was off. After getting tested, I discovered that my skin issues, along with bloating, anxiety, and headaches, were all due to a fungal overgrowth from food poisoning.

I began researching herbs that could help clear candida and soothe my skin. After weeks of experimentation, I settled on a formula that gave me the support I needed.

One day, a close friend suggested that I sell my herbal tea to others to support their digestion. Although I hadn't considered it before, many people had already been asking me about the blend, and it had become a favorite of my parents.

From there, with no product based experience or knowledge, leaves was born in the kitchen of my apartment in Kelowna BC. 

Skin tea pouch opened with tea herbs pouring out

When the pandemic hit, we took the opportunity to revamp Leaves by adding Lavender and Rose to the formula. These two herbs not only added the flavor we were looking for, but also provided benefits for digestion and relaxation. We also worked on a second rebranding, which we absolutely fell in love with.

We've gone through countless revisions, multiple restocks, seasonal collections, product fall outs, manufacturer issues, label printing issues, as well as successes and setbacks. It's been an incredibly challenging yet truly rewarding evolution that continues to this day, and I wouldn't trade this business experience for anything.

After going back to school in 2021 to study Herbalism in Victoria, BC, I found a new passion for the world of herbal medicine. Since then, I've been creating formulas in my notes app with the aim of bringing the benefits of this incredible form of medicine to you and your daily routine.

After recently moving back to Ontario, I’ve made it my mission to open the world of herbalism to my community.

Our tea infusions not only taste amazing, but are also intentionally crafted to benefit your health. While many tea brands excel at making great-tasting teas, I wanted to go a step further and create formulas that make a difference in your life. Herbs are truly the best nourishment, yet often overlooked.

I'm passionate about sharing my belief in the power and connection of herbs and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to inspire and educate others through Leaves.

Our mission is to simplify gut nourishment with powerful healing herbs while creating a beautiful and soothing experience inspired by everyday wellness. 

The Evolution of Leaves:

  • Pile of tea pouches with window cutouts showing the tea

    This was our first leaves launch in 2019! The power of the tea sold itself. We sold out after our first launch.

  • Pouches of tea sitting on a counter

    Here's what the branding looked like from 2020-2022. Every time we sold, we sold out. It was hard to keep in stock and I thank you for that!

  • Notebook with handwriting of tea ingredients

    Here are the formulations I created when I was in school for herbalism in 2021. It may have taken two years to create but timing is everything!

  • Tea pouch opened laying on a counter with tea spilling out

    In 2022, we launched our first limited edition Holiday blend, winter leaves.

  • Tea pouches laying on a counter in sunlight

    We launched customized teas so we could tailor these to your needs with market research for our new ones.

  • Woman sitting on a bench holding tea bags

    In December 2022, we started our rebrand of leaves to bring it to the next level for you. I can't wait to grow with you!